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Crazy Friday 2021 is over, see you next year!

Get $50 bonus for every $100 gift card purchase

Quick Details

Wow, The best offer of the year!
**Here’s how to take advantage of the Black Friday offer:**
– Click on “buy” then choose the number of $100 gift certificates you want.
– Complete the payment information.
– You will receive a confirmation email with the $100 gift code which will be a series of 20 letters and numbers, as well as a code ordering by FOU which will be your $50 bonus

**To use your $100 gift card** (you can use more than 1 on the same reservation), click on “Apply a gift card” and enter the code (the text is just above the total amount with taxes , just before finalizing the reservation)

**To use your $50 bonus**, you will have to enter the code in the box that says “Sponsorship / Bonus or old gift card”

Your $100 has no expiry date and can be used for any category of purchase or reservation. It is a monetary value and the unused amount can be used on a future reservation.

If you want to buy a $400 gift card, you must choose 4 gift cards of $100 to get 4 bonuses of $50.

Your $50 bonus can be used as follows:
– Valid for all bookings
– 1 bonus/discount code per booking
– If the invoice amount is less than $50, you will lose the difference. (But the majority of our products/sales are over $50
– The bonus codes have an expiration on February 28, 2022. There will be no exceptions.

From :
CA$ 100

Crazy Friday! yeah