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JAM / Surf Freely

Quick Details

JAM intermediate | 1 hour
Beach bum | 1h of JAM for beginners (1st experience)

JAMS | Surfing freely for intermediate and advanced surfers

The JAM is a product aimed at intermediate or advanced surfers who have already completed the theoretical training at Maeva Surf. During JAM sessions there is no instructor on the wave with the participants, it is a product aimed at customers who want to spend more time on the wave and learn on their own.

The rule of 30-45 sec per “ride” also applies during JAM sessions, the more participants there are in the session, the shorter the “rides” should be to ensure a good ride and fun for all participants. Take advantage of the JAMS to practice more advanced tricks you haven’t yet mastered!

To avoid human error, JAMS availability and reservations are only available upon booking via the website***. No employee is allowed to give JAM hours or attendee numbers on Facebook, by text message, over the phone or any other form of communication. JAMS availability is on a first come, first served basis … So once a reservation has been made for a JAM, semi-private sessions and private groups will be blocked and vice versa. In rare exceptions, there could be beginner surfers with instructors in the jam, up to a maximum of 6 surfers total**. There will be no more JAM “Mavericks” on a guaranteed full wave. All JAMS will be on a full wave if the 2 prerequisites are met:

The other wave must be available without reservation,
There are 6+ surfers in the JAM.
*** You can pay for your JAM session directly on site for an additional $ 20 + tx. If you don’t have a credit card, purchase a JAM gift card or booklet onsite that you can use when making online reservations.