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Little Bachelor
Big Bachelor
Mega Bachelor +30min extra

Indoor Surfing for Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

Marriage is for life, so bachelor(ette) parties must be memorable too! Maeva’s Bachelor(ette) package is the kind of party that will make you want to divorce and remarry just to party with us again!

Easily accessible from Montreal, with line 360 ​​or by highways, Maeva Surf at Centropolis is the destination of choice for organizing a bachelor party activity.

The small Bachelor:

The small Bachelor package is an all-inclusive experience for your group during a bachelor(ette) party. This package includes everything you need to get your day off to a good start or move it forward a little too late.
Lasting 3 hours, the activity includes:

30 minutes of recording
30 minutes of theoretical training
60 minutes of surfing on a 1/2 wave with a private instructor, 60 minutes of private lounge including food and alcohol
The small bachelor party package is valid for 10 participants. Private rental of the lounge can be arranged before or after the activity, at your convenience. It includes a tasting tray from our Bistro-bar Maeva menu, 1 Corona per person and 1 26-ounce bottle of alcohol (rum, gin, vodka, tequila or white / red wine). A gift for the bachelor(ette) will also be offered. Additional adult at $ 50 per person up to a maximum of 12 participants.

The MEGA Bachelor:

If your future bachelor(ette) is a MEGA popular guy or girl or someone who likes to surpass themselves, but above all who is not afraid of being ridiculed in front of everyone else… Wait, it’s a bachelor(ette) party, who cares whether he or she is shy! The MEGA bachelor is made for “mega” groups who like to have mega fun! A package for 12 participants, which can be increased up to 20. It includes: 1 Corona per person, food from the Bistro-bar, a 26-ounce bottle of alcohol and 60 minutes of surfing the full wave! Boom! There, it’s a MEGA Bachelor party.

The MEGA bachelor party package includes:

30 minutes of recording
30 minutes of theoretical training
60 minutes of surfing on the complete wave with 2 instructors, a private private lounge with food and alcohol, Maeva Bistro-Bar family style!
The package includes 12 participants. A maximum of 8 additional participants can add up to $ 50 per person. The future groom/bride will leave without his/her ego, but with a beautiful memory of an experience at Maeva.