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Physical education

AGIR Skills in Physical Education

School packages are ideal for providing an extraordinary experience for your students.

Bodyboarding and indoor surfing create incomparable sensations in board sports and this will lead students to go beyond their limits and discover a new sport, a way of life. Maeva is more than surfing! Our school program is a real lesson in physical control, in self-knowledge, but above all in surpassing oneself, in a fun and safe environment.

What you will learn at Maeva Surf:

  • Pleasure,
  • Security,
  • Control,
  • Listen
  • But above all surpassing oneself!

The educational advantages:

High school students must learn soft skills and hard skills.

According to the MELS high school learning progression program, our activity touches on the elements of know-how:


Center of gravity position

  • Positioning
  • Contact surface
  • Weight transfer


Use of the optimal number of joints

  • Using the joints in the correct order
  • Continuity in execution


  • Message tracking

Soft skill elements:

  • Sportsmanship (self-control, respect for others, equipment and the environment)
  • Compliance with the rules of the activity

This activity represents a great opportunity for them in terms of skills assessment. You can easily keep track of them at Maeva Surf either through an observation grid or by asking for a written assignment on the principles of gravity, balance and movement on the wave.