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Scientific Program

Learn the vision of the waves

It is gravity that controls the movement of all objects in the Universe and this is no exception when we are on an artificial wave.

Through this activity, your students will learn about the effect of gravity on their bodies when they are on a board in a 40 kph wave below them.

Knowing your body well in space and the repercussions of our movements are major assets in everyday life.

The principle of the wave is simple: the water is propelled on a stretched canvas resembling a trampoline. Water is propelled from the bottom of the machine to the top of it at a speed of 40 kph. A thin layer of water covers the structure to allow surfing. Depending on your body position and transfering weight on the board, you may be successful in moving on the wave. When you feel comfortable, you can also perform some tricks.

This activity will give your students a good understanding of their body’s behavior in space and the effects of gravity and the impact of their movements while standing or lying on a surfboard.