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Surf 1st experience with instructor

Quick Details

Initiation package - Online Ideal package for children - 13 years old. Includes 30 min of theory and 30 min. of surf lessons on the wave.
Beginner - Online Ideal package for a teenager/adult. Includes 30 min of theory and 60 min. of surf lessons on the wave.
session 30min. SPLIT pour théorie - Online **Une période d'attente de 30 min. sera calculé durant la théorie. Vous allez sur la vague en même temps que vos amis.**
session 60min. SPLIT for theory - Online **A waiting period of 30 min. will be calculated during the theory. You go on the wave at the same time as your friends.**

Come and tame the wave!

No experience required to participate in this activity. Are you ready to ride the wave? First experience packages: introduction to indoor surfing, our semi-private beginner training with a maximum of 6 participants per instructor. These surf lessons will allow you to learn all the safety rules in addition to familiarising you with the wave and the techniques of bodyboarding and surfing. Our instructors – Flow Pros – will help you during your time on the wave, regardless of your level of board sports experience.