Private group | Stag and Bachelor party

Plan a bachelor/stag party

The ideal activity for "hair disheveled" the future groom!

The ideal activity for “hair disheveled” the future groom with a bachelor party at Maeva Surf!

Marriage is for life, so the bachelor party, must also be memorable! The Bachelor and Bachelorette package of Maeva is the kind of party that will make you want to divorce and remarry you only to re-party with us!

Easily accessible from Montreal, with the 360 line or the highway, Maeva Surf at Centropolis, is the destination of choice for the organization of a bachelor party.

Here are some tips for organizing your “stag” party:

If you are in charge of organizing the Bachelor, you must plan it, this evening is your responsibility.
Invite close friends only and ask the evening attendees to transfer money from activities before the day.
Be sure to listen to the one who is about to put the rope around his neck, the day is for him / her. Do not plan too many activities, the Bachelor is a day with friends, it’s important to have quality time and not just run all day.

Maeva offers all-inclusive bachelor party packages to maximize your group fun. Is the time of your day restricted? No problem, we can offer you several options that will suit your schedule!

Two packages are available to you for the organization of a “Bachelor” at Maeva:

The Little Bachelor | $ 600

The small Bachelor package is an all inclusive experience for your group at a bachelor party. This package includes everything you need to get out of your day or make it a bit too late.

The 3-hour activity includes:

  • 30 min. Registration
  • 30 min. Of theatrical lesson
  • 1h surf on a 1/2 wave with a private instructor
  • 1 hour private lounge including food and drink

The “little bachelor party” package is valid for 10 participants. The private rental of the lounge can be arranged before or after the activity, at your convenience. It includes a tasting tray of our menu Bistro-bar Maeva, 1 Corona per person and 1 bottle of alcohol 26 ounces (Rhum, gin, vodka, tequila or white / red wine). A gift for the future groom will also be offered.

Additional adult at $ 50 p / p up to a maximum of 12 participants.

The MEGA bachelor | $ 800

If your future groom is a MEGA popular guy or girl or a person who loves to surpass himself, but especially who is not afraid of the ridiculous in front of all the others … Wait, it’s a bachelor party, we don’t care if he or she is shy 😉 The “MEGA” bachelor is made for “mega” group that like to have “mega” fun! A package for 12 participants, which can be improved up to 20, with: 1 Corona per person, Bistro-bar food, 26 ounces alcohol bottle and 1 hour surfing on the complete wave! Boom, there is a MEGA Bachelor party.

The MEGA bachelor party includes:

  • 30 min. Registration
  • 30 min. theatrical lesson
  • 1h of surf on the complete wave with 2 instructors in private
  • Private lounge with food and alcohol “family style” of the Bistro-Bar Maeva

The package includes 12 participants plus a maximum of 8 participants plus $ 50 p / p.


The future bride / groom will leave without her ego, but with a beautiful memory of their experience at Maeva.