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What to expect during your first experience?

On the first visit, your first time indoor surfing experience at the Maeva Surf, you must take the theorical course and a wave training of a minimum of 30 minutes.

Maeva Surf was the first indoor surfing center in the world to offer a theoretical training and thanks to this training, all beginners can have an extremely rapid progression. Almost 95% of them manage to surf on their first visit. Also know that stand-up surfing is not mandatory and that bodyboarding is already a great accomplishment for anyone during the first experience.

All packages for the first experience include a qualified instructor for a semi-private group with up to 6 participants. The time is divided by the number of participants and the instructor manages the duration of the tests of each one. Each of the tests on the indoor surf wave last on average between 10 and 35 seconds. Participants test the wave one at a time, allowing the instructor to concentrate and assist in a more specific way.

Three packages are available to you during your first visit to Maeva Surf.

The initiation package
The beginner package
The beach bum package

« The first experience package offered by Maeva Surf ensures an optimal experience on the wave »

Introduction package - 59$

The introductory package of indoor surfing at Maeva Surf is mainly for children under 13, although it is suitable for all age groups. The introduction is an initiation to the new sport of indoor surfing. This training allows to tame the wave, to test the different boards (bodyboard and flowboard) and to discover your new passion of FlowRider.

The duration of 1h30 includes:

30 minutes of registration,
30 minutes of theorical lesson and
30 minutes surf on the wave with an instructor in a semi-private group of up to 6 participants.

The Maeva Surf Expertise

During the theorical lesson, the participant learns all the basic techniques as well as all the safety techniques to practice the activity. The Maeva Surf team is proud of the quality of the training offered by our center. The relevance of this theoretical training has been proven. Indeed, it improves the surf experience because it allows surfers to be more aware of their technique on the wave. In the event that the participant wishes to take the theorical lesson a second time, it will be free of charge.

Once the introduction has been completed, the participant may, depending on his level, reserve an intermediate session with an instructor or a JAM.

Are you ready to tame the wave?

What I have to bring: a boardshort that tightens at the waist, a towel, flip flop, a lock, a plastic bag for wet clothes and for girls, a surf shirt or any tight t-shirt to keep all bikini pieces in place ;-)

Beginner package - 80$

For your first experience of indoor surfing at Maeva Surf, the beginner package is the best choice.

This package includes:

30 minutes of recording,
30 minutes of theoretical training and
1 hour surfing with an instructor in a semi-private group of up to 6 participants.

Advantages of the package

This package is ideal for fast progress on the wave. The duration of the practice session will allow you to test the bodyboard and the flowboard several times, so you can progress faster. Indeed, after an hour of surfing, the participant would be able to perform some tricks on the wave like slaloms. Also, having more time on the wave, the participant can acquire more autonomy: he could be able to embark alone on the wave without being guided by the instructor.

* This technique is required in order to book JAM packages because no instructors are present during these sessions of indoor surfing.

You want to try the full experience? Book a “surf and snack” package and try our Bistro with a 2 course meal

For a reservation of more than 4 participants, look at our group packages, in addition to saving, you will be only your group in private with an instructor!

Forfait beach bum - 95$

The beach bum package is aimed at a clientele with an important luggage in board sports. The desire to “learn on the job” by some participants helped to create this specific and highly targeted product. The first experience of indoor surfing with the beach bum package included:

  • 30 minutes of registration
  • 30 minutes of theoretical training,
  • 1 hour of surfing with instructor in a semi-private group and another
  • 1 hour of free surf without instructor for only $ 15 more than the beginner package.

Please note that we do not sell this package on the phone. An instructor may suggest that you change your booking and add 1 hour of free surf to your beginner package if you have the level necessary for it.

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Entry on the site is free, do not hesitate to arrive in advance to make a period of observation, have a drink or eat. You will be amazed at how much better you will be on your first experience, if you have observed other beginners!