Indoor surfing package | Intermediate rider

Session | Intermediate | Free surf

For rider's who already complete the theatrical lesson at Maeva Surf

For surfers who have already completed the theorical lesson at Maeva Surf
After completing one of our first experience package at Maeva Surf, you are automatically an intermediate surfer and several options are available for you to continue to improve your ability on the wave. The 30 and 60 minute session are periods of semi-private surfing with a qualified instructor.Session booklets allow you to save on session pricing so you can surf more often.Then, the JAM. A product that caters to a clientele with a good experience in board sports.

Three packages are available to you after you have completed the theoretical training at Maeva Surf.

  • The session of 30 min and 1 hour
  • The booklets
  • The JAM

When you are accompanying a beginner friend, you can follow the theorical lesson again for free.

Session | $ 39 to $ 60

The session is the perfect product to extend an initiation package on the same day or accompany a friend during his first indoor surfing experience. The surfer will be 60 minutes in a group of maximum 6 participants and will be accompanied by an instructor to allow him to progress quickly. Whether you want to improve bodyboarding or stand-up surfing, the session is perfect!

The 1-hour session includes:

  • 30 minutes of registration and
  • 30 minutes surf on the wave in a semi-private group of up to 6 participants per instructor.

30 minutes is good, but 60 minutes is better! No matter what activity or sport we practice, the progression comes with the frequency and duration of the practices. There will always be an ajustement period during the first ride, so a 60-minute instructor package allows you to get back in confidence with the rope, take a few turns and go on your own while enjoying The help needed to learn new tricks.

  • 30 minutes of registration and
  • 60 minutes surf on the wave in a semi-private group of up to 6 participants per instructor.

Whether you want to progress in bodyboarding or standing surfing (flowboard), the 1h session is the best product for all ages to improve our performance!

Watch videos before your next session! Visualization is the best way to progress quickly.

The session booklets | Starting at $ 199

Booklets with multiple sharing sessions can also be purchased for families or friends who want to surf a few times a year and save money! Sessions purchased in booklets do not have an expiry date. Booklets of 7-15 and 20 sessions are available.

Tell the instructor you already participated and he will give you more advanced tips!

The JAM | $ 45 to $ 55

Maeva Surf’s JAM session is the perfect product for those who want to adopt indoor surfing as a lifestyle. The pleasure will be to the maximum, because you will enjoy the wave like a day of skiing or snowboarding tremblant mount. Surf the wave every day, for longer durations than during private or semi-private sessions with instructors.

The Jam’s are characterized by 3 differences with all other products:

A restricted schedule
No maximum number of participants
You start and ride by yourself on the wave, there is no instructor during JAM’s
The JAM are not for all types of surfers, but if you like to learn for yourself and are available during off-peak periods, the JAM is for you! It is a really interesting product for all the participants who have reached a certain level and that the frequency and the practice make it possible to improve their performances!

Do you like the concept and want to surf at least once a month? Available soon, will be a member packages in addition to saving you will enjoy exclusive offers for members.