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Surf and snack package

Following a major renovation in November 2016, the Maeva Surf indoor surf center at Centropolis. Laval now offers a renewed 2.0 experience. Thanks to a reorganization of the space and the addition of a bistro, Maeva Surf offers you a new “Surf and Snack” package which includes a beginner package and a meal at the new Bistro Maeva.


The package includes:

30 min. Registration
30 min. Theoretical course
60 min. Surf accompanied by a qualified instructor in a semi-private group of a maximum of 6 participants.
A starter and main meal of our new Bistro


What is the beginner package?
What does my meal at Bistro Maeva include?

The beginner package

For your first experience at Maeva Surf, the beginner package is the best choice.
This includes:
30 min. Registration,
30 min of theoretical course and
1 hour of surfing with an instructor in a semi-private group of maximum 6 participants per instructor.

The perfect package to progress quickly on the wave. The duration of the session on the wave will allow you to test the bodyboard and the flowboard (indoor surf) several times and thus progress to the point to make turns in surfing, to let go the rope (surf by yourself) and even to start alone on the wave without the help of the instructor.

* This technique is required in order to participate for free surf session, as no instructors are present during these sessions.

What I have to bring: a boardshort that tightens at the waist, a towel, flip flop, a lock, a plastic bag for wet clothes. For woman, a tight shirt is highly recommend for keeping the bikini top in place.

Lunch at the Bistro

You will be charmed by the new Bistro Maeva. Private spaces, tables in surfboard shape, view of the rider’s on the wave, streaming sports videos and above all a high quality meal. The package “Surf and snack” includes:

1 choice of starter:

  • Thon saku in a sesame crust served with wakame salad and a spicy mayo
  • Tempura shrimp with spicy lemon mayo
  • Baked Chicken Wings
  • Cheese sticks and salsa nacho
  • Tuna tartare and lemon mayo
  • Mesclun salad, Matane shrimp, Avocado, tomato, cucumber and Ponzu vinaigrette and coriander
  • Nacho to share

1 choice of main course:

  • Panini with shredded pork, cabbage salad, julienne green apples and cheddar strong served with choice of salad or chip
  • Panini with chicken (grilled or crispy) with goat cheese, roasted peppers and olives served with choice of salad or chip
  • 13-inch all-dress pizza
  • Fillet of beef pan-fried with port and portobello sauce served with choice of salad or chip
  • Thon saku meal in sesame crust served with wakame salad and a spicy mayo

"An added bonus was the delicious food, including the sushi grade tuna as well as steak and the full bar. So glad we got to experience this wonderful location!" Trip Advisor, November 28th, 2016